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Valley Isle Tour



Every Hawaiian island has a nickname; Maui being, The Valley Isle.

Whether you prefer more adventure, sightseeing, or food and spirits tour, experience the diversity Maui has to offer by customizing your own private tour with preferred locations, timeframe and flexibility along the way. Your private guide will make sure you receive a unique experience that offers a broad perspective on how diverse this 727 square mile island is. Please keep in mind, there are more activity options provided then can be accomplished in a single day tour. And If you have additional interests, please send us your requests! We will see if we can accommodate you.

In West Maui, discover coastline gems, majestic mountains, cultural and historical sites. Venture around West Maui Mountains loop for coastline views and numerous activities to choose from:

Relax or go snorkeling at our best beaches first thing in the morning (must bring snorkel gear).

Discover Hawaii’s largest collection of ancient petroglyphs chiseled into bedrock. These carvings depict native way of life.

Visit the largest farm to table cacao store in Hawaii for scheduled farm tours, tastings, or stop by to purchase a variety of chocolates on the go! (entry fee for farm tours and tastings/no fee to visit store for purchases).

In Kapalua, hike to an incredible lava rock cliffside for jumping into the most pristine ocean and exploring sea life. Explore other pristine beaches and lava rock tide-pools. Take a stroll passed an ancient burial site to the legendary Dragons Teeth and labyrinth off the seashore. Visit Kapalua’s famous Plantation Golf Course where the Mercedes & Hyundai Championships have taken place.

Drive around West Maui Mountains loop and experience the force of Nakalele blowhole, where the eruptions are active 90% of the time and can often reach heights of 100 ft! If you’re feeling adventurous, hike through lava rock zones that look like another planet! Or hike down a crumbly trail and swim in the most incredible tide-pools, with the option of diving into the largest one! (This activity depends on ocean conditions). Take a leisurely walk through the unique and lush jungle of Honolua to the mouth of the Bay.

On the backside of West Maui Mountains, bath in a secluded waterfall, and visit the isolated and historical village of Kahakuloa for banana bread, mango bread, fresh local juices, and their famous Lilikoi (passion fruit) butter.

On Southside: relax or go snorkeling first thing in the morning and discover marine life and turtles at the best beaches (must bring snorkel gear).

In Wailuku: explore Iao Valley (entree fee included), take a leisurely walk to native species, or hike into the jungle and bath in the Iao Stream, the deepest valley in West Maui Mountains (our western and oldest volcano, Mauna Kahalawai – House of Water), making the Iao River the largest watershed from these wet slopes. The last eruption was 320,000 years ago, and since then, significant erosion has carved out these beautifully shaped mountains and deep valleys. Then making our way to the base of the Iao needle, a

1200 ft Basalt tower that was once used as a watch tower during battles between the Polynesians.

Visit Maui Tropical Plantation with stunning landscape views, have lunch at Cafe O’lei Restaurant, and visit Kumu farms for local tropical fruits and snacks.

In Upcountry Kula, experience panoramic views and activities from 3000 to 4500 feet:

Visit Ali’i Kula Lavender Farm at 4200 ft for views, products/snacks made with lavender, and their diverse gardens (Open Friday-Sunday/$3 per person). Then drive up to the switchbacks for views at 4500+ ft!

Visit Kula Botanical Gardens (entree fee/optional).

Take a 35 minute tour at an impressive organic Vodka & Rum farm/distillery made from sugar cane, includes 5 taste tests (Open Wednesday-Sunday/$15 per person), and visit their new, Cocktail Cafe offering a seasonal menu that features locally grown produce, hand-tossed farmbreads, fresh salads, and Maui style pūpūs all intended to pair with cocktails served farm-to-glass.

Have lunch at the upscale, Kula Lodge restaurant with panoramic views at 3200 feet.

On the North shore: discover giant resting Green Sea Turtles! And visit the historical plantation town of Paia.