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About Us

Tourism That Makes The World Better

Aloha, and welcome to HI Vibe! We’re delighted you found us. HI Vibe is a brand-new, exciting movement dedicated to making it easy for visitors to Hawaii to support sustainable tours, restaurants, and other activities during your visit to our cherished island home.

How We Started…

Sustainable tourism is defined as exploring a destination while respecting its culture, environment, and people. HI Vibe focuses on three primary elements: Sustainable Tour Offerings, Locally Sourced Restaurants, and Voluntourism. It’s our mission to guide you towards local businesses and organizations that make sustainability a priority and, at the same time, help you create the best vacation of your lifetime. Together we can preserve what’s special about these extraordinary islands.

A Better Way To Visit

By choosing sustainable tours, you’ll support companies that are committed to promoting conservation, having low visitor impact, and providing a greater understanding of local cultural, social, and environmental issues. Locally sourced restaurants procure much of their seasonal ingredients from island farmers, which perpetuates our local economy while offering you tastier menu items. Voluntourism provides a unique way for you to form a connection with community members that’s both meaningful and memorable.


Our HI Vibe team has more than 15 years’ experience in the Hawaii tourism industry. We share our collective knowledge with you by passing along informed recommendations for the best sustainable offerings available in Hawaii, from tours to dining options to opportunities to “give back” to our local community and environment through voluntourism.

To demonstrate our commitment to promoting the continued growth of sustainable tourism in Hawaii, we proudly donate 10% of our profits to businesses that align with our vision. These funds help defray the cost of obtaining a sustainability certification, which affirms their dedication to this vital movement.

Laulima in Hawaiian means to have many hands working together to create positive change.

Let’s collaborate to keep these exquisite islands healthy, and our local Hawaiian community thriving. Here in Hawaii, we have a unique opportunity to teach the universe how to live sustainably, treat each other with aloha, and malama (take care of) the earth and each other. We can truly change the world one visitor at a time.

Please contact us to find out more about how you can participate in the HI Vibe movement, and create your sustainable Hawaii dream vacation.

2020 Team Hawaii World Parasurfing Team

2020 Team Hawaii World Parasurfing Team

Meet Our Founder

Aloha! I’m Aaron Paulk, Founder of HI Vibe. I’m fortunate to have travelled to more than 50 countries, where I’ve always been welcomed by the local residents. Most of my adventures have focused on outdoor activities like hiking across mountain ranges in New Zealand and surfing along the coast of Sri Lanka. On another memorable vacation, I savored the most sumptuous locally sourced cuisine in Thailand. On each journey, I make an effort to learn as much as I can about the culture, environment, and people in each destination, which is the fundamental principle of sustainable tourism. 

My home base is the island of Maui, where I’m blessed to be able to surf most days. I’m not like most surfers—being legally blind, I’ve had to adapt my surfing style to accommodate my vision impairment. Overcoming challenges such as this is a constant element of life on this earth. Today, all of us need to challenge ourselves to make decisions that positively impact our planet and those of us living on it. We all play a role in ensuring our world remains clean and healthy for future generations.

As a surfer, I’m passionate about keeping our oceans free from pollution. This is one of the ideals that inspired me to found HI Vibe and collaborate with others who are also dedicated to effecting positive changes here in Hawaii during a time when the future of our natural world is uncertain. At HI Vibe, we’re dedicated to helping you create a Hawaii vacation that’s both sustainable and enjoyable. Each booking you make through HI Vibe ensures you’re supporting a business that’s committed to maintaining, preserving, and regenerating Hawaii’s culture, community, environment, and economy.

Throughout all my travels, aloha is the most meaningful word I’ve encountered. In one interpretation, aloha means love, which for me translates to treating our natural environment with respect every day. To aloha the land is to leave it cleaner than we found it. When visiting another country, I often carry a trash bag on my daily outings so I can do my part to preserve natural beauty, and it makes my heart sing when a local expresses appreciation for my efforts.


for visiting our website and learning more about our organization. The entire HI Vibe team wants to help you experience the full essence of aloha during your stay in Hawaii, and become inspired to make positive changes in your own environment back home. Here in the Islands, we’re all ambassadors of aloha, and it’s my pledge to instill this meaningful core value in each and every one of you.